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To make modern art more fun and relatable to people -especially the younger generation- by using repetitive patterns, bright colours, and the playfulness found in toys





Have you ever wandered around the Tate Modern in London, the Louvre in Paris, or maybe even the MoMA in New York and thought to yourself “there’s not enough LEGO® in here”? Well fear not, as Little Big Art have got that covered.


Little Big Art see LEGO a little differently to most, not as little plastic bricks, but as art. From Warhol to Hirst; Mondrian to Emin, Little Big Art playfully realises these landmarks of art in LEGO. And when they’re done playing with the little bricks (and after having a nice cuppa) Little Big Art likes to sculpt human-size versions of individual bricks and tiles, and use these giant LEGO pieces to create EVEN MORE ART! Putting you into the little plastic feet of a minifigure and giving you a fresh twist on the way you see LEGO.


Little Big Art have broken gallery records on attendance and sales, created galleries in exhibition centres and castles (multiple), and even had an exhibition attended by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - the billionaire owner of the LEGO Group.

Whether you’re a fan of art, LEGO or simply fun, there will be something for everyone at Little Big Art!

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