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Fucks Given: Ethical Swearing

Swearing isn’t for everybody; saving the planet is, whether they realise it or not. Fucks Given: Ethical Swearing is a humorous and (fairly) inoffensive way to get that message across.

Fucks Given: Ethical Swearing provides fashionable attire to the activist while also spreading a message and supporting a cause, helping movements reach new markets and benefiting from a donation from each sale. Forever fashion, not fast fashion.

Our T-shirt’s are 100% organic cotton, ethically sourced and produced, embroidered in the UK and hand finished in my studio in Cardiff.

Fucks Given: Ethical Swearing has been in development for almost a year, unwilling to compromise on any aspect. We now have the infrastructure in place to deliver and are ready to go.

Three great movements. One common goal.

Let's fucking do this!

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