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The best things start with the smallest brick, and then get bigger. Literally.


Little Big Art have broken multiple gallery records; created galleries in exhibition centres, castles and UNESCO World Heritage sites; had a two-year tour of the US; exhibited in the world-famous Saatchi Gallery; had an exhibition attended by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - the owner of The Lego Group; and even have their work proudly on display at LEGO headquarters and Warner Bros. office in London.


The first time I picked-up a LEGO® brick I knew good things were going to happen. Of course, back then I was just a child and good things equalled castles and dragons, but who doesn't love castles and dragons! Fast forward a couple of decades and throw in a mild addiction to pop art and a tenacious spirit to find the right brick, and Little Big Art was born.


The aim was to make art more fun and relatable to people - especially the younger generation - plus, I have great fun making these; and I hope it shows.

"injecting a dose of lightheartedness into the everyday"

- designboom

"forward-thinking creative"

- Hypebeast

"there's no denying the creativity."

- LADbible

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