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To fuse the playful nature of pop art with the practical nature of interior design, creating a toy shop for adults.



2015 - 2019


Bricks at Home is the brainchild of Andy Morris, a qualified interior designer and artist who believes that good design has the ability to change the world, and that innovation is the only way forward. He loves finding rare, hand-made, and vintage products that deserve a spot in his collection. However, there is one thing that is even more satisfying for Andy Morris than adding to his store: it is connecting creators with connoisseurs. Through Bricks at Home, Andy is able to help designers come to market and help the masses enjoy the more artistic and playful side of interior design. 


At Bricks at Home we have set out to bring "playful design for modern life”, adding a dash of excitement, colour, and uniqueness to any home with a few pieces of art, décor, and furniture. Our passions are as broad as they are deep, but our first priority and inspiration is always our customers.


As for the collection itself, Bricks at Home has worked to distinguish itself as the online destination for hand-picked playful design. Every product showcased by Bricks at Home has been personally selected by Andy Morris and his team. This careful selection is something that we are incredibly proud of. Since 2015 we have dedicated ourselves to searching the globe for the best design, making strong curatorial selections in sourcing artwork from Canada; cushions from the US; wall décor from the Netherlands; designer toys from Singapore, and we’re still looking.


Our customers are the life of this collection and we prefer to think of them more like viewers, observers of modern art and design. They are the people we can count on to stick by us in the vanguard of design. They are city dwellers, they are rural homeowners, and they are everything in-between. Our viewers keep this collection strong and growing, so from the Bricks at Home team we’d like to say: thank you.

B O N U S   -   C U S T O M E R   S E R V I C E
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