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the art tee subscription box


arttee (pronounced ‘arty’) is a monthly t-shirt subscription box. Each month will be a different artist, with their tees only available for that month. The design on the tee will be a quick sketch from the artist taking a few minutes to produce, embroidered onto the tee - this is the unique selling point.


It will be original, exclusive, and being a quick sketch also feels honest and raw - it’s not a polished piece. Then doing it in embroidery gives it a high-value feel. arttee.


the box

Each box will contain a tee, an A4 artwork (a sketch taking no more than fifteen minutes to produce) with info about the artist on the back along with a handwritten (digitally printed) note from the artist, and each box will be unique to the artists tee.


All profits will be split evenly, 50/50, between arttee and the artist.

The boxes will cost:

£35 each individually

£90 for a 3 months subscription (£30/box)

£150 for a 6 months subscription (£25/box).


The profit varies depending on the subscription method and total number of units sold

(see below for breakdown).

Sales will be done by pre-order for one month, and then produced and sent the following month. The artist will receive an exact breakdown of all sales, subscriptions, and costs.

Full payment will be made to the artist within 28 days of the boxes shipping.


(these costs are live and will be updated as the project develops)

Example: if you have 20 x active 6 month subscriptions, 30 x active 3 month subscriptions, and 50 x individual boxes, the 100 quantity price will be achieved and the artist will receive £881.00

(20 x £5.56 = £111.20) + (30 x £8.06 = £241.80) + (50 x £10.56 = £528.00).


Content is king and we hope to work with the artists to capture recordings of their sketches (similar to “Sketchbook Sessions” below), to model their t-shirt, and to participate in a podcast (“arttee talks”) to turn this into more than just a subscription box, with people getting to know the artist and see the process.


For artists by artists!



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