If there are two things I know, it's art and embroidery!


Arttee (pronounced ‘arty’) is a monthly t-shirt subscription box. Each month will be a new artist, with their tees only available for that month. The design on the tee will be an embroidered doodle or sketch from the artist, taking no longer than 10 minutes to produce - this is the USP as it’ll be unique, original, exclusive, and being a quick doodle also feels honest and raw, it’s not a polished piece. But then doing it in embroidery gives it a high-value feel.


Each box will contain a tee, an A4 artwork (which is also a doodle / sketch) with info about the artist on the back along with a handwritten (digitally printed) note from the artist, and each box will be unique to the artists tee.


Sales will be done by pre-order for a month and then produced the following month.


The boxes will cost £35 each individually, or £90 for a 3 months subscription (£30/box), or £150 for a 6 months subscription (£25/box) with Arttee and the artist evenly splitting the  on all profits for each one. The profit ranges from £3 - £10 each per box, depending on the subscription method and total number of units sold (see below for breakdown).

These costs are live and can be updated as the project develops.


I’m looking to create extra content from this, in the form of videos (like I started with “Sketchbook Sessions” but longer for YouTube), and a podcast conversation with each artist (“Arttee Talks”?) to turn it into more than just a subs box, people get to actually know the artist and see the process. But these are future projects once we know how the new world is.

For artists by artists. Support the arts!



Andy is an internationally exhibited artist and design graduate with a philosophy on good design and creative thinking.


Previously from the world of finance, Andy has swapped paperwork and multi-million-pound accounts for a life of creativity (and boxes of plastic toys), and he's never been happier!

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Fun Facts:

- I backpacked around Japan at the age of 16.

- I used to collect Monopoly board games.

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