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Andy Morris

I'm an art director and an internationally exhibited artist with a philosophy on playful design and creative thinking.


Previously from the world of finance, I swapped paperwork and multi-million-pound accounts for a life of creativity (and boxes of plastic toys), and I've never been happier!


My aim is to bring play into everyday lives; by using high-design objects with a playful twist. My projects require the user to relinquish preconceptions and enjoy the play.

Key achievements:

- Consultancy work done with the Lego Group,

- Exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London,

- A two-month solo show at MOMA Wales,

- Broke a gallery’s 10-year record on attendance and sales,

- A two year tour of the US with Brick Fest Live,

- Summer long touring art exhibition around Welsh heritage sites with Cadw,

- Exhibition attended by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the owner of The Lego Group,

- Interviewed on BBC One and Channel 4,

- Featured on the front cover of Bricks Culture magazine,

- Supplied artworks to Warner Bros.,

- CV viewed over 1m times worldwide.

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