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Swearing is Cool wants to collab!


This year, we’re attempting a project to involve 20 artists, 20 designs, and produce 20 of each t-shirt. Super-ambitious, super-limited, and we want you involved!


We’d like each tee to incorporate images from the artist and words from Swearing is Cool, across both screen printing (with a maximum of three colours) and embroidery. Swearing is preferable but not compulsory.


You have creative freedom and can print anywhere you want. There are slight limitations but at this stage we’d love to hear of your perfect tee and we’ll try and make it happen.


You can submit an existing design or create a new one, we expect no exclusivity on the design.


We’re keeping it local by using the Printhaus in Canton and Ice Cream Embroidery in Grangetown, and we’re using Earth Positive t-shirts to create both an ethical and a premium product.


This is a high-cost, low-profit project but we want to ensure that everybody gets paid. For your time and design we’d like to offer you £5 per t-shirt sold (£100 total) plus two of your t-shirts to keep and a further two to give away through social media channels. For transparency, Swearing is Cool will make approximately £9 per t-shirt and we will keep one for ourselves.


Transparency in Pricing

The t-shirts will retail for £39 and the cost per tee is £24.75+ (detailed below), the artist gets a fixed £5 per tee and Swearing is Cool will get approximately £9.25, but will also absorb any extra printing costs and 'free shipping' offers for outside the UK.


T-shirt costs, per unit:

+ Earth Positive Unisex Tee, £3.75

+ Screen Printing Design (up to 3 colours), £6.75 (printing on black / dark t-shirt +£0.75)

+ Screen Printing Logo (logo inside neck and number bottom front), £4.50

+ Embroidery, £5.75

+ Fulfillment (UK shipping, packaging), £4.00

= £24.75

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